Day 11: Going the Distance

26.2/13.1.  Has anyone else been noticing these bumper stickers on cars?  Braggarts!

To all my friends who run– what are you running from?  or to?  Or why?  For God’s sake, didn’t we enter middle-age to stop running!

When I was younger, I was on the athletic side.  I worked out regularly, went to the gym, and at certain points in my life, I could even run a few miles at a time.  However, somewhere around thirty, life set in, and it got a little bit more difficult to maintain a routine.  I kind of thought everyone’s aerobic existence got a bit more endomorphic.  We all  started families, bought homes, delved into careers.  I thought everyone was in my boat: either so exhausted from a busy day or so busy in an exhausting day that no one else was exercising regularly either.

And then a few years ago, I started paying attention.  Running groups.  Training groups.  Running logs.  5Ks.  10Ks.  Half-marathons. Revco. Chicago.  New York!  An epidemic of mass proportion was hitting the age group I so excitedly aligned myself.  I was under the impression that the thirties and forties were ages to slow down, watch my children compete, do some housework, cut the lawn, walk the dog.  I thought my thirties and forties were for building careers and stressing about bills.  I thought these ages gave us all the excuse to stop running,  the justification to be lethargic, and the rationalization to grab another beer.

Obviously, I was wrong.  It seems I cannot get away from people discussing running.  “Who’s in for Tackle the Tower next month?”  “What about the Old Oak Run in April?”  Or better yet, everyone is signing up for the Warrior Dash in June.  Unlike the other five or ten mile races, this race is a compelling 3.5 mile with twelve torturous obstacles thrown in.  3.5 in itself sounds difficult to me, but adding in the obstacles, frankly, just seems ludicrous.

So here I sit at my computer thinking about running.  I guess it is time for me to either join the middle-aged group of non-lethargic foot- pounders or be left in the dust.  To run or not to run, that is the question.


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