Birth Day!

42 today!  And as an added bonus, I get 366 days in my 42nd year of life!

I am going to try and blog something every single day.  And when I say everyday, I really mean when I am not too tired or too busy to think.

Because my birthday happens so close to New Year’s Day, I usually put off New Year’s resolutions until my birthday.  So here it goes:

1. I will be funnier this year. (X7)

2. I will love my chidren and husband more. (X7)

3. I will try not to take apathy so personally. (X7)

4. I will enjoy more fruit smoothies. (X7)

5. I will exercise more. (X7)

6. I will win the lottery. (X7)

6 resolutions trying 7X harder than last year…okay, that makes 42 resolutions!  Perfect.


6 thoughts on “Birth Day!

  1. I love #3. I get so worked up about apathy and take it so personally, something I have come to see as a vice as much as a virtue. People are who they are sometimes. . . Great blogs Cheryl! Happy belated birthday and I hope your as happy as your writings sound! Let’s have a drink next time I am in town!

    • Thanks Ryan! I think the apathy you deal with is more systemic. I just feel frustrated by kids who do not care about their educations that will effect their lives! And yes, let me know when you are in town.

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